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Advertise Statesads

☀ Major companies trust us with their ad campaigns.

What is Statesads?

A fully automated ad system

You don't need to contact us before placing an ad

Keep your ad's Tracking Code - TC (digit code available on ad space) for further communication with our support team, if any questions or issues related to your ad.

Your ad should be placed within 24 hours on the related ad space after order placement.

Please use a valid e-mail address while creating your account for further communication with our support team and to receive your stats regarding your campaigns.

CPM / CPC ads
available ad spaces
Ad code Country Type Order
MBALB ALB Mini Banner $0.59
MBDZA DZA Mini Banner $0.59
MBARG ARG Mini Banner $0.59
MBBGD BGD Mini Banner $0.59
MBBOL BOL Mini Banner $0.59
MBBRA BZA Mini Banner $0.59
MBBFA BFA Mini Banner $0.59
MBCAM CAM Mini Banner $0.59
MBCHL CHL Mini Banner $0.59
MBCOL COL Mini Banner $0.59
MBCOG COG Mini Banner $0.59
MBCIV CIV Mini Banner $0.59
MBEGY EGY Mini Banner $0.59
MBETH ETH Mini Banner $0.59
MBGAB GAB Mini Banner $0.59
MBGHA GHA Mini Banner $0.59
MBGRC GRC Mini Banner $0.59
MBIND IND Mini Banner $0.59
MBIRN IRN Mini Banner $0.59
MBISL ISL Mini Banner $0.59
MBKEN KEN Mini Banner $0.59
MBMDG MDG Mini Banner $0.59
MBMYS MYS Mini Banner $0.59
MBMLI MLI Mini Banner $0.59
MBMEX MEX Mini Banner $0.59
MBMYS MBMYS Mini Banner $0.59
MBNGA NGA Mini Banner $0.59
MBPAK PAK Mini Banner $0.59
MBPRY PRY Mini Banner $0.59
MBPER PER Mini Banner $0.59
MBPHL PHL Mini Banner $0.59
MBROU ROU Mini Banner $0.59
MBSAU SAU Mini Banner $0.59
MBSEN SEN Mini Banner $0.59
MBSGP SGP Mini Banner $0.59
MBSLO SLO Mini Banner $0.59
MBZAF ZAF Mini Banner $0.59
MBTHA THA Mini Banner $0.59
MBTUN TUN Mini Banner $0.59
MBTUR TUR Mini Banner $0.59
MBVEN VEN Mini Banner $0.59

☀ A dashboard lets you check your ad's metrics: impressions, clics, ad display.

Affiliate ads
available ad spaces

If you have an affiliate ads program you would like to submit (eligible for 42 country's feeds only), feel free to send us your affiliate program's url for consideration. Legal: affiliate program shall be hosted by a registered business. Elibible categories: Hotels Booking , Cars Rental, Transportation Services, Restaurants, Tourism Circuits, Medical / Surgery Vacations, Home Care, Schools and Education Services.


Our company has no control over the products or services offered to by our contracted Advertisers and can therefore not be held accountable of customer complaints. Please directly refer to Advertisers if you are looking to report an abuse or a user complaint.

Guarantee & Legal

StatesOne does not track you nor your device while using the above services. Our aim is to offer clean, reliable and safe advertising options to advertisers within StatesOne. Our company is duly registered and respects the Corporate Law in France (taxation). Some provisions can fall under the Law of the EU (Right to be forgotten).

Payment gateways


Feel free to check our G.C.U to know more about StatesOne and do not hesitate to contact our support team for any further questions or to report a security breach.

General / Legal inquiries
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