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Amateur stuntmen Andre de Kock and Enrico Schoeman have successfully broken one of the most dangerous Guinness World Records - the ‘Longest Quadbike Ride Through a Tunnel Of Fire’. Courtesy #DStv403

Gugu Mjadu, Executive Marketing Manager at Business Partners gives insight into how women in particular can use the Fourth Industrial Revolution to their advantage and urges employers respond proactively to new technology by upskilling their employees. Courtesy #DStv403

Cayley Clifford, Researcher at Africa Check outlines how to identify fake news while social media lawyer Diana Schwarz gives insight into the legal implications of sharing unverified claims online and how social media users can protect themselves against digital vigilantism. Courtesy #DStv403

The Network is joined by Michael Sun MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg and Cape Town-based Policing Specialist Eldred de Klerk to talk on the increase of violent crimes in South Africa following the release of the 2019 Crime Statistics. Courtesy #DStv403

MMC of Public Safety for the City of Johannesburg Michael Sun talks Coordinating Provincial & National Government crime-fighting efforts in JHB. Courtesy #DStv403

Week in One takes a look at the top stories making headlines, this week. Courtesy #DStv403