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Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal information when you use StatesOne and its related products. Our Privacy Policy explains some of our engagements towards our Final users & Business partners.

We are the company which invented the term "Local News Engine" in 2013 and we started using it in 2014 within our corporate materials.

1 Our principles with respect to your data & your privacy
2 The information we collect about you
3 How we use your personal information
4 How we share your personal information
5 How we use cookies and similar technologies
6 Other practical information

By using our websites and in particular by registering an account on our v3.x platform you are consenting to the use of your personal information in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. For your convenience, information relating to our use of cookies and similar technologies is set out in a separate Cookies Policy. The Cookies Policy forms part of this Privacy Policy, and whenever we refer to the Privacy Policy, we are referring to the Privacy Policy incorporating the Cookies Policy. Please take some time to read this Privacy Policy (including the Cookies Policy), and make sure you understand our rules and the way of disclosure of your personal information.

If you do not agree to any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, you are invited to migrate to another site that might offers you better provisions, or to delete the account you created on statesone. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy policy, please contact our technical team (see G.C.U section for contact address).

Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to Stateslab® and its related websites (referring to the 5 stated products). When using v3.x platform, you may find links to other websites that enable you to share information with other users or other sites. Stateslab® is not responsible for the contents of the information shared in public.

Our principles with respect to your data and your privacy

Our protection and privacy principles can be understood as follows:

You are the only person responsible for your data (shared, published, posted in any form). You should have full control over the data engaged in v3.x platform. Regarding this point, Stateslab® can proceed to the deletion of your account if stolen, cracked or usurped. Please contact our technical team (see G.C.U section for contact address) by naming the concerned account (please provide us with your Username or Email address of registration)

The information we collect about you

We collect personal information about you from various sources:

Information provided by you

You don’t need to provide us with any personal information that you don’t judge relevant. Certain tools (like Statesbox) don’t require that you register an account and, by doing so, you are not asked to provide us with your personal information. Other tools may require account registration to become fully accessible.

Essential information

When you register a StatesOne account, you will need to provide your email address, your month and year of birth, and choose a password. You are invited to give us more information for safety reasons (e.g: when you will try to take back a corrupted account for instance, we might ask you for very personal information in order to know that you are the real owner of the account). If you just provide basic information when registering to v3.x, the take-back procedure of your account could be hard for you, and you won’t be provided with a new access to your account. Please make sure that you provide basic information, when creating a user account on StatesOne.

Surveys & Poll information

If you participate in any survey or poll, you will not asked by v3.x to provide your personal information. Your vote or answer will be anonymous.

The use of cookies and similar technologies

There is certain information that we collect automatically as the result of your use of v3.x platform, or through the use of web analytics services as described in our Cookies Policy. This information includes: the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device from which you access the Platform (this can sometimes be used to derive the country or city from which you are accessing the Platform) the site that you visited immediately prior to visiting the Website the specific actions that you take on the v3.x platform, including the pages that you visit, streaming or downloading Poppies, uploading Poppies, sharing a Poppy with another user, following or unfollowing another user, joining or leaving a group, posting a comment, or performing a search, any search terms that you may enter on v3.x platform, the time, frequency and duration of your visits to v3.x Platform, your browser type and OS, the nature of the device from which you are accessing the v3.x platform, for example, whether you are accessing the v3.x platform from a personal computer, a pad or from a mobile device, information collected through cookies and similar technologies, as described in our Cookies Policy, information regarding your interaction with email messages.

How we use your personal information?

We use the information that we collect about you for the following purposes: Your email address and password are used to identify you when you log into v3.x. We use your date of birth to enable age restriction, to display appropriate content to you, and to perform analytics aimed at improving our products. Any additional information that you provide as part of your public profile, such as your real name, and links to your website and other social media profiles (but not your email address), will be published on your profile page. This information will be publicly accessible and may be viewed by anyone accessing v3.x. Please bear this in mind when considering whether to provide any additional information about yourself. Your email address will be used to send you service updates and notifications regarding your account, and (if you have elected to receive them using your account preferences) newsletters, marketing messages and certain email notifications. Your personal information is also used for the following general purposes: To operate and maintain your v3.x account, and to provide you with access to the v3.x platform and any services that you may request from time to time, to identify you as the creator of the data that you post, the comments that you post, the mail you exchange with other users. To provide you with daily technical support. To analyse the use of v3.x, and the people visiting Stateslab® products, in order to improve v3.x. To answer any comment or enquiry you have submitted. To customize your use of the v3.x and/or the content of any email newsletter or other material that we may send to you from time to time. To prevent or take action against activities that are, or may be, in breach of our Terms of Use. For other purposes, provided we disclose this to you at the relevant time, and provided that you agree to the proposed use of your personal information.

Do we share your personal information?

We will never share your personal information or your publications with any third party. You and Stateslab® are the 2 eligible entities to have access and total control to your personal information and publications.

Important - Very rare circumstances

If required by Law (applicable in the country where you live) we will disclose your personal information if we believe in good faith that we are permitted or urged to do so by law, including in response to a court order, subpoena or other legal demand or request. To protect our corporate assets or technical infrastructure: we may disclose your personal information if we feel this is necessary in order to protect or defend our legitimate rights and interests, or those of our users, employees, directors or shareholders, and/or to ensure the security of v3.x. Stateslab®'s external growth strategy: as major Internet giants, in the context of a business transfer, we may transfer your personal information to any person or company that acquires all or substantially all of the assets or business of Stateslab®, or on a merger of our business, or in the event of our insolvency.

How we use cookies and similar technologies?

In common with most websites, we use cookies and other standard Internet technologies to help us improve v3.x platform. We have included information about our use of cookies and similar technologies in a separate Cookies Policy that forms part of this Privacy Policy. The Cookies Policy also includes information about how you can block or disable third party cookies (which we only use for the purposes of analyzing the use of our v3.x platform and optimizing the content on our platform). If you choose to use v3.x without blocking or disabling these cookies or opting out of other technologies as described in our Cookies Policy, you will indicate your consent to our use of these technologies and to our use (in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy) of any personal information that we collect using these technologies. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party sites or applications, and we cannot control the activities of those sites or applications.

Important - How to manage cookies?

Information on how to block or disable cookies is included in our Cookies Policy. Further information is available at

Other practical information

How to delete your v3.x account?

You can delete your account from your Stateslink dashboard. Please keep in mind that if you delete your v3.x account, all data associated with your account will be deleted and may not be recoverable. You are therefore advised to copy or back up all content uploaded to your account before you delete your account. Even if you delete your v3.x account, it is possible that your information may still show up in some internet search results for a short while afterwards if the search engine maintains a temporary cache of web pages. Search engines’ caching processes are outside of Stateslab® control and therefore we cannot be responsible for any information that remains cached by search engines after that information has been removed from the v3.x platform.

As described above, most of the personal information you provide can be accessed and updated in your Instant Dashboard of your v3.8.x account. If you wish to access, amend or delete any other personal information we hold about you, or if you have any objection to the processing of any information that we hold about you, please contact our support team. If you ask us to delete your account, we will do so within a period of 7 days, but we may need to retain some of your personal information in order to satisfy our legal obligations, or where we have a legitimate reason for doing so.

Indexed and Personal data claimed under legal provisions

For very rare circumstances (if our company is reached under legal provisions, for online activities related to hacking, fake news' spread or terrorist activities), some users' personal information may be collected, stored, used, disclosed and shared in accordance with US laws (our servers are based in the US because we rent servers' space from US registered companies). You should be aware that privacy laws in the United States may not be equivalent to the laws in your country.

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy, and when we do so, we will also revise the Effective Date set out below. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will always be available here so that v3.8.x users are always aware of what information we gather and how we might use and share that information. Please be sure to check back here from time to time or to follow our twitter account @StatesOne_com to make sure you are aware of any changes to this Privacy Policy. Any material changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to registered users by a notification to their account and/or by posting a notice of the change on the Website.

Regarding age limitation

Our operating version v3.8x is not intended for use by children. Anyone under the age of 13 is not permitted to use v3.x and must not attempt to register an account or submit any personal information to us. We do not knowingly collect any personal information from any person who is under the age of 13 or allow them to register an account. If it comes to our attention that we have collected personal data from a person under the age of 13, we will delete this information as quickly as possible. If you have reason to believe that we may have collected any such data, please contact our support team immediately.

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