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The Delhi polls will be held on February 8 and the results will be out on February 11. Delhi has a 70-member Assembly.

In order to gauge the mood of the voters in Delhi, ABP News' correspondents Shrivardhan Trivdei and Gyanendra, took an auto-ride in the politically bustling national capital ahead of the assembly polls. They went among the locals in Gandhi Nagar and held a discussion over  politics in Delhi. They also spoke to the residents about the issues concerning them.

BJP's Delhi President Manoj Tiwari believes that there is no tension between the BJP and the Akali Dal. Tiwari said that the Akali Dal does not want to contest the assembly elections this time. Manoj Tiwari confidently said that BJP will win the elections and form the government in the National capital. He also mentioned the incident with the Chief Secretary of Delhi. He said that the people of Delhi have not forgotten how the Chief Secretary was slapped.

After an arduous wait of over six hours at the Returning Officer’s (RO) office, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was finally able to file his nominations from the New Delhi Assembly constituency for the February 8 polls.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has backed the demand for a law to check the rising population in the country. Ramdev suggested that parents who produce more than two kids should be stripped of their voting right. He added that if the fourth child is born, the child should also be deprived of the right to vote and not allowed to contest an election. The yoga guru’s remark comes in the midst of an ongoing controversy over RSS’ pitch for bringing a law to check population.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation, has postponed his trip to India, which sources said was scheduled later this week.One of the sources said that Microsoft's India team is waiting for fresh dates of his visit, which might happen at the end of February or early March. “Things are not confirmed, yet,” one of the sources said.File image of...