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StatesOne is an eco friendly Search Engine. While a traditional Search Engine requires data centers to store and manage its processed data, our team is constantly looking to reduce its carbon footprint, either by scaling in the Cloud either by using API tools. In our platform, we use third-party tools from other platforms* who already have storage infrastructures. Scaling linearly in virtual private servers or third-parties' on-premise servers are the two levers we've found useful in order to concretely limit our carbon emissions.

☀ Third-party engines such as Google® and Bing® are in use as part of the current MDM (Master Data Management) policy of our start-up. This policy may evolve regarding our product's next stages.

Innovation and responsibility at core

Since 2012, we try to innovate regarding our data management policy. Our mission is to help people have a better understanding of countries they are not originate from on cultural, sportive, musical, culinary and other topics. Helping people discover other countries can help build a more peaceful world based on reciprocity and fantastic exchanges (education partnerships, technology sharing, food supply, new payment facilities, agricultural and medical R&D transfers, support to local services, etc.). We were the first search engine (2012) that opened a new path to developing countries and other emerging markets on the Internet. If you want to supply us with new hosting capabilities which will help us scale up either in the Cloud, either On-premise, you are welcome as an investor. Please contact our team for further investment inquiries.

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